The History of Highland Ford

Our dealership has a rich history that's almost as old as the Ford Motor Company itself. Starting in 1916, a dealership by the name of the "Eastern Automobile Company" first opened its doors in New Glasgow selling Ford, Hudson, and Essex vehicles. This original dealership was located on Provost Street, where Ceilidh Optical is today.

During the 1920's, the sales of Hudson and Essex vehicles were transferred to another dealership, and the Eastern Automobile Company sold exclusively Ford cars and trucks to the public. By 1928, demand was so high that they moved to a larger location on Archimedes Street. They would continue to sell and service Ford vehicles from this location for the next 61 years.

In 1938, the Eastern Automobile Company changed its name to Vee Eight Motors as a reference to the powerful V8 engines Ford was creating at the time. Vee Eight Motors would see continued success until 1998 when the dealership grew again, this time moving to Westville Road across from the Highland Square Mall. In 1999 the dealership's name changed to "Highland Ford Sales Limited", which it continues to operate under to this day.

Then in June of 2000, the dealership was bought by its current owners, Eric and Linda Barker. Their vision of providing exceptional customer service would soon be realized when they were awarded the Ford "Blue Oval Certification", which distinguishes a dealership as having the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Just three years later, Eric and Linda realized that their dealership needed to grow once again, and thus in 2004 construction was completed on an all-new facility. Now our current location, our dealership is located at Exit 21, just outside New Glasgow on the Trans Canada Highway. Here, two generations of Barker family help run the business -- a business which continues to grow and thrive to this very day.

Now, over 100 years later, we continue to adhere to the principles laid down by the company's founders -- principles of trust and integrity. In 1903 Henry Ford set about providing "a fine vehicle at a fair price", a commitment we continue to this very day. We are truly "Proud of our Heritage & Committed to our Future"!




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